Kim Philby

Show this Friday at the Seven Song Club@ the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, featuring the band debut of new song, “Kim Philby”. Our friend Rachel McCrum sent me this fascinating article below on Philby if you’d like some further reading- … It looks like the show is sold out so sorry if you’ll miss this one. We’ll have more gig… Read more →

Once upon a time in the revolution

Friends, we bring to you a gift.  Our good friend and co-conspirator, Ally Kerr, made a film for us and we would like to share it.  Plenty to go around.  Thanks to Ally and to The People’s Navy of the USSR. You can follow this link to youtube, or go on over to our video page and watch it right here.… Read more →

Radio session

Hullo Folks, We’re excited to say that this afternoon (Thursday 12th March) we’ll be playing a live acoustic session on Janice Forsyth’s The Culture Studio on BBC Scotland. The show begins at 2.05pm and we’ll be on around 3pm, featuring a couple of live tunes, a bit of chat and a song from the album. You can listen live or on… Read more →

13. Come the Revolution

13. Come the revolution – Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht rewrite Les Miserables. Anti-everything, beginning with God, King, Queen, country and whatever else you’ve got. Music to whip up a lynch mob and man the barricades to. Heads on poles, it’s ho, ho, ho, on we jolly well go, laughing all the way to the guillotine. A jaunty number to… Read more →

12. When I walked the world

              12. When I walked the world – Part sea shanty, part drinking song. I was trying to learn the lovely old Italian anarchist song “Addio Lugano Bella” on the accordion when I found my fingers playing something rather different (I do not play the accordion well although, in my defence, I play it… Read more →

11. Tenterhooks

                As a countdown to the official release of “Come to the Fabulon” on March 9th 2015 we continue with a daily track by track listing with brief liner notes.   11. Tenterhooks – This song is for Jari Haapalainen who taught us how to play it. Read more →

10. Our time was like a dream

                  Our time was like a dream – A love song for a city.  The band struck lucky at a gig one night, a few years ago now, playing to an audience which included a group of French music promoters who invited us to play a show in Paris, our first ever… Read more →

Is this music? review

“It’s the soundtrack to Aznavour and Brel wrestling naked in front of a of the most lush collections of sheer pop majesty you’re going to come across this year” – Is this music? reviews “Come to the Fabulon”. Thank you very much to Tony Kiernan for his time and words. … Read more →

9. Once upon a time in the revolution

          9. Once upon a time in the revolution – An homage to the Maestro, Ennio Morricone, inspired by a traditional Romanian vals of mysterious origin which I once heard played by an accordionist busking on Sauchiehall Street and who informed me that it was called “Vals Titanica”. I have yet to uncover any further evidence… Read more →