A Traveller’s Guide to Lost and Later Songs #14

A Traveller’s Guide to Lost and Later Songs #14

For those who may appreciate some background detail, I offer below my workings.

#14 Boom Boom Cannonball
27/9/17 – https://tinyurl.com/mv5aaz35

The riff idea came to me at a Slim Cessna’s Auto Club gig. In days gone by I would have forgotten it with the next passing fancy but thankfully nowadays there are voice recorders on phones to help people like me along. In the “boom idea” recording you can hear me singing the riff over the noisy chaos of the live gig in the background (foreground as background, sadly, is often the way at live gigs). As noted previously, every recipe needs a healthy dash of chaos, this time provided by the noise and heat and sweat of a small club gig. The band are bangin and I’m several beers in. Charge on.
It was never going to be pretty. It demanded much huffing and puffing and a-panting and a-grunting, like Leonard Cohen sings the Army of Lovers or a surprise Eurovision entry by The Hormone Monster. Cheesy, sleazy eurotrash with a honking, stonking dose of the horn. Yes, yes, yes…it may all be thoroughly inappropriate, but I have no concerns. In order to be cancelled, one has to be scheduled in the first place.

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