Dark Carnival – second single from our second album The Dark Carnival.  Filmed and edited by Daryl Cockburn.  Full credits below

Dark Carnival credits: music video filmed and edited by Daryl Cockburn, song by Biff Smith, music by A New International, The Dark Carnival production conceived, written and directed by Matthew Lenton, set & costume design by Kenneth MacLeod, lighting design by Simon Wilkinson. Featuring Biff Smith, Caroline Evens, Craig Laurie, Stephen McGourty, Jo Shaw, Ross Bahlaj, Euan Allardice, Olivia Barrowclough, Malcolm Cumming, Elicia Daly, Peter Kelly, Natali McCleary, Ramesh Meyyappan, Ann Louise Ross, Laurie Scott & Harry Ward.


Necropolitan – first single from our second album The Dark Carnival.  Directed by Matthew Lenton, filmed by Daryl Cockburn.


The Life and Times – a film made by our friend Matthijs van der Ven of Onder Invloed


Tenterhooks – a film made by you, by us, and by our friend Ally Kerr.


I’m Your Kinda Guy – a film made by Ally Kerr, featuring some of our good friends


A new film to accompany a song from the album – made by our friend Ally Kerr.


Video for our first single – released 6th February 2015.  Directed by our friend Ally Kerr.