“Many moments of beauty” - The Independent
“Very original, top stuff” – Richard Hawley
“’Sumptuous European balladeering translated into an urban Scottish setting” – The List

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Lush, poetic, bittersweet romanticism; an evocative mixture of cinematic strings, circus lights, carnival and cabaret, music hall, gypsy, chanson, a little bit of folk, a little bit of flamenco too, yet with pop at its beating heart – welcome to the world of Glasgow’s finest, A New International. Reference points for the uninitiated include Scott Walker, Calexico, Beirut, Morricone…


Formed in 2013 from the ashes of The Starlets, creators of “Some of the finest pop songs you’ve never heard” – (Sunday Herald), stage-sharers and contemporaries of fellow Scots Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura , The Starlets, “One of Scotland’s finest, most underrated bands” (The Scotsman) walked the path of most resistance despite playing sold-out shows in Japan and wowing mainland Europe with their “staggeringly beautiful” (The List) live shows. The band’s foreign adventures provided the context and inspiration for a musical transformation and their rebirth as A New International.


Walk past the Crusty Cob cafe in Neepsend, Sheffield, turn right at the heaped bags of Archie’s Chippers Premium Potatoes, and there, up a winding staircase, nestles Yellow Arch studios where, hunched over the mixing desk, you’ll find critically-acclaimed producer Colin Elliot, well known for his production work with Richard Hawley and many others. Mr Elliot and the band bonded over a shared love of Scott Walker’s “Scott 3”, FC Barcelona and Malt whisky. The resulting album “Come to the Fabulon” is a melodic box of delights.