Lost and Later Songs #1 – Swirly “Kite high and I don’t care about a thing Time, fly to what tomorrow may bring” It’s swirly, man. “Swirly” is the first song to be released from A New International’s forthcoming album “Lost and Later Songs”, a collection of new and never before seen songs recorded under the pandemic-era lockdown conditions of… Read more →

Lost and Later Songs

Did you ever wish you could go back in time and walk down the road not taken? Say what you like about catastrophic global pandemics but all that furloughed downtime is a gift of unclaimed hours and days unlikely to happen again this side of the pension. I saw others making use of this time to create beautiful gardens, build… Read more →

New Single!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen Those dastardly leaked documents from our top secret files might have led you to believe there was something afoot. Time to come clean. We’ve a new single coming and coming soon. Official release is Tuesday 13th October but of course we won’t make YOU wait that long. Join us on Saturday evening at 7ish to… Read more →

Scottish Album of the Year Award

https://www.sayaward.com/   Ladies and Gentlemen, “The Dark Carnival” album was released on 26th April 2019. We are Scottish. These two random, seemingly disparate facts mean we are eligible for the Scottish Album of the Year award. Funny word, eligible. As a younger man I remember snorting contemptuously at a magazine list of “Scotland’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors”. Back then I… Read more →

Live session this Saturday night

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have a date for this Saturday night? I’m free. I’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Come join me in my secret underground bunker for an evening of song, tale and good cheer courtesy of the Self Isolation Sessions. It’s free to view although if you’d care to drop a coin in the… Read more →