Scottish Album of the Year Award   Ladies and Gentlemen, “The Dark Carnival” album was released on 26th April 2019. We are Scottish. These two random, seemingly disparate facts mean we are eligible for the Scottish Album of the Year award. Funny word, eligible. As a younger man I remember snorting contemptuously at a magazine list of “Scotland’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors”. Back then I… Read more →

Live session this Saturday night

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have a date for this Saturday night? I’m free. I’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Come join me in my secret underground bunker for an evening of song, tale and good cheer courtesy of the Self Isolation Sessions. It’s free to view although if you’d care to drop a coin in the… Read more →

History Will Be Ours – video premiere

“Punk is where you find it”, wrote Greil Marcus. The resistance takes many forms. I have seen it in unexpected, and so all the more inspiring, places. I saw it in Emily Lloyd baring her arse to the gossipy neighbours in “Wish You Were Here” whilst gleefully bawling “Up yer bum!”. I saw it in Marlene Dietrich’s saucy wink beneath… Read more →

Video premiere tonight at 7pm!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight at 7pm would have been doors open at the Roxy for our Edinburgh show. We had hoped to share live with you our new single in an evening of jolly japes and bonhomie. And then do it all once again for good measure, across the M8 at Room 2, Glasgow, the following Saturday. Unfortunately the new… Read more →

New single out today!

New single ‘History Will Be Ours’ out today on vinyl or digital. Bandcamp are kindly waiving their revenue share all day today, so get yours here: or from your favourite online record shop. Tell yer pals. More news later. ani x   Read more →

Gigs cancelled

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are very sorry to say that we’ve decided to cancel our two upcoming shows at the Roxy Snug and Room 2 due to the current coronavirus situation. Much as it would have appealed to our Last Days of Pompeii mentality to carry on – let us live for tonight, for tomorrow we may die, etc –… Read more →

New Single and Live Shows

  Internationalism begins at home. The march towards #anialbum3 begins in Edinburgh and Glasgow with new single “History Will Be Ours”, a jolly mash up of music hall and good old fashioned sedition, featuring special guests the upper classes slumming it around a pub piano in a bargain basement Busby Berkeley dance number. With top hat, tails and a comedy trombone. Footage… Read more →

End of the year

It’s been an exciting year for us, releasing our second album The Dark Carnival and being part of the theatre show with Vanishing Point which toured the country.  There may well be a curtain call or two in the future but meantime we are in production for album three and will have more news on this in the Spring.  Thank… Read more →