A Traveller’s Guide to Lost and Later Songs # 19

For those who may appreciate some background detail, I offer below my workings.

#19 The Night Will Take You

Original demo dated 9/11/10 – https://tinyurl.com/222x8nva

It’s the last song of the night folks. If you don’t ask that beautiful stranger to dance now, the moment will be gone forever.
We impersonate that which we admire, try it on for size in the hope that someday the outfit may suit us. Back in Starlets days, we used to cover “Science Fiction/Double Feature” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I still think it’s the most romantic song I’ve ever heard and one of the few songs that, whatever I’m doing, should I hear it playing, I have to stop and listen to it (I am not a man to be left in charge of a group of toddlers, or a combine harvester).
Travelling for many years under the nom de guerre “Glitterball”, in another world, or perhaps in yet another dream I once had, “The Night Will Take You” would soundtrack the closing credits of a John Hughes movie. Preferably one with Molly Ringwald. Good triumphs over evil, love over death, and all those eternal human legends which settle our score with reality.

Some nights, when the lights are low and the music’s right, I start believing all over again. So, if you’re dancing, I’m asking. Always will be.


(photo- the lips of Patricia Quinn from the Rocky Horror Picture Show)

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