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We’d like to say thank you to everyone who made Friday night’s show possible- to the Glasgow School of Art Choir who made such a beautiful sound, to Chae and everyone at St Luke’s (what a stunning venue), to Rory on the desk and Ross on the lights, to Matthijs and Ryan on video/audio, to Pete, Liz, Shona, Rick, Kate, Donald, Juliet and Simon – the special invitation string section who made the night go widescreen, to Martin and to Chris for photography beyond the call of duty, to Jackie Pennor for taking us to radio and to Lewis Jamieson for taking us seriously.
To everyone who came to the show, thank you for your time and support. You were a wonderful audience and it was an absolute pleasure to play our songs for you. I hope we can do it again some time. We’d like to dedicate one more song to you. This was our intro song when we came on stage, a heartbreaker by the great Marlene Dietrich , love ani x

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  1. July 28, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Hope you are well and life is treating you good. We have had a rough time around technical and have had to break the bank to get replaced, so thank you for all your efforts, most appreciated. Please find below a
    an idea of the evening to promote on facebook or other medium and an attached poster.
    Big thanks

    Please join us on our Fun-Raising night out at the O2 ABC Sauchiehall st
    on Friday 19 August 2016‚Äč.
    Variety is the key here at Sunny G 103.5 FM and we promise exactly that!
    From the musical meanderings of hot new act A New International to the
    technical ecstacy of Swing Guitars, the post punk power pop of our
    localest band Mildred’s Dairy you’ll find a soundtrack to our City!
    Add a sprinkle of magic from our friends at Spinal Chord and our resident
    magician Terry and it all adds up to good night out for a good cause, to help keep
    developing people who gain confidence and become active in their neighborhoods
    and communities bringing us “Voices who are seldom heard”.


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