Tenterhooks video, stage times for St Luke’s show

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Ladies and Gentlemen, they said it would never happen. We are proud to present to you today our new promo video for “Tenterhooks” directed by Ally Kerr. Featuring a cast of thousands and shot on a budget of no pounds and no pence, we would like to thank all those who contributed to and appear in the film. We don’t know everyone’s name but thank you to Ally Kerr – Musician (Official Page), Richard Anderson, Ross Wilson, Rachel McCrum, Celine Valligny, Matthijs Van Der Ven, Katie McArthur, Paul Tasker, Jo Shaw, Kenny Macdonald, Keet de Kat, Denis Quélard, Emilie Cabanaucanada, Clémence Grange, Katja Wurach, Mick Jamon Moraldo, Akiko Morino, Miguel Navarro, Dave Addison, Young Grace and Duncan Kennedy.
Tenterhooks was produced by Colin Elliot.
If you like it, please share with your friends, thank you. All welcome.

We’ll be playing Tenterhooks and many others with the string section on Friday 6th May at St Luke’s, Glasgow. Tickets available on the door priced £10.  Times are –

7.30pm, doors
8.30pm, GSA Choir
9.30pm, Ani
11.00pm, Drinkies

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