A Traveller’s Guide to Lost and Later Songs #5

#5 Ride the White Horses

First demoed as an instrumental in a live home recording by Mark and I, dated 29/03/10) –


In the spirit of Martin Mull’s “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”, here’s a song about painting, partly inspired by James Guthrie’s “Hard At It” which can be found in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I like to find inspiration in different artforms. One is less likely to be sued for plagiarism.
At the time of writing, this song has been played live once only, at a solo show in Arnhem on 22/10/2010, when it was still shiny new and I must have been keen to try it out. After the last note, not one person applauded. Not one. Not even polite or pitying applause. Nada. Nil point. Ha ha ha. Cue tumbleweed. Character building.
I daresay I could have taken the hint there and then but I’ve always been a bit stubborn that way. I am right and the world is wrong. Sooner or later the world will realise the error of its ways. Until then, if an idea is worth believing in, it is worth a world of indifference, worth all of the lean years for all of the meantime (even if it all turns out to be meantime). So, here’s to another time and place yet to come; to some other night in some other room where some one person hearing the song may feel just glad enough to clap hands. Then, at long last, and from lost into later, the song will have found a home.

NB. For further reference material (and dancing about architecture), please see Eduardo Chillada’s “The Comb of the Wind”.


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