Kickstarter update – thank you for your support!

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’ve had quite a month.  Our Kickstarter campaign has been brilliant – our target of £3,000 was met within the first 7 days and we’re now standing at just over £4,000.  We have plenty of ways to use the extra funds, and any more we can raise – beating our target will mean we can have another single release or maybe 2 more; we’d like to put on a couple of band shows after the run of theatre shows are done; a tour; and of course, having some extra money in the pot to cover the tail end of mixing and mastering the songs will be helpful too. We hoped, but had no real idea that we would meet our target so fast.

So, with three days left (the Kickstarter campaign ends in the evening on Tuesday 28th August) we are adding some new rewards to our campaign to round up the fun.  At noon on Sunday 26th August we will add 3 more Showtime rewards – this includes a pair of tickets to opening night of our show with Vanishing Point on 21st February 2019, a copy of the new album and more.  This is also nearly your last chance to pick up other rewards such as personalised videos of an ANI song of your choice, our Starlets back catalogue, a house gig, or even just an advance copy of our new album.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter:

Thank you so much if you’ve already supported us – we are so happy – and hope you will be too when you hear what we’ve been making.  Here’s a video we hope you’ll enjoy – this is just what it felt like when we found out we’d reached our Kickstarter target…

Thanks to Matthijs van der Ven of Onder Invloed for the footage – there’s a link to the full, non-giggly version here:

All the best and thanks again


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