Video premiere tonight at 7pm!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight at 7pm would have been doors open at the Roxy for our Edinburgh show. We had hoped to share live with you our new single in an evening of jolly japes and bonhomie. And then do it all once again for good measure, across the M8 at Room 2, Glasgow, the following Saturday.
Unfortunately the new age of pestilence has put paid to all that. Perhaps it was inevitable. War, death and famine had been having it too good for too long. It’s only fair they gave pestilence a turn at tormenting humanity. One day we’ll all look back on this life and laugh. But not yet.
Tonight at 7pm, in lieu of the gigs that never were, we are proud to present to you the world premiere of the video for our new single, “History Will Be Ours”.
So, see you here tonight at 7 then? We’ll have a little video party. You’re all invited. Bring popcorn. Children and dogs welcome.

“History Will Be Ours” is out now from here:

video still 2

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