ANI HQ Communiqué – Eulogy for The Dark Carnival

New single “Until The Earth Runs Dry” is A New International’s farewell to “The Dark Carnival”, acclaimed second album and soundtrack to the hit theatre show created in collaboration with Vanishing Point Theatre Company. Next year will see the release of brand new recordings and some special UK live dates as the band move towards the release of album three (inspired by spies, revolution, epic voyages, tango and trombones).
The spring will see ANI’s first ever vinyl release, a double A-side single featuring “Until The Earth Runs Dry” alongside a brand new song and recording – a secret track which will be a first glimpse of album 3.
You can pre-order the single here now –

All pre-orders receive an instant download of “Until The Earth Runs Dry”.

Featuring a brand new accompanying video by filmmaker Daryl Cockburn, shot in an ivy-strewn crypt, “Until The Earth Runs Dry” was the closing song of “The Dark Carnival” theatre show and featured an audience singalong. It has been described by the band as “a chain-gang worksong for the underworld” and they have composed for us a eulogy, of sorts, to mark this sombre occasion.

“We are thrust in the dust with the jinxed and the just,

we are crammed where it’s rammed in a dance with the damned

with a moan and a groan and the banging of a bone

we’ll complain to the strain of the rattle of a chain,

in the glow down below, with a ho, ho ho!

a revue of the through and we have a song for you ”

It’s a cheery number. If it be your pleasure, sing with us.

“It’s a long hard road and it’s further than you know….”


in darkness

and for all eternity,

A New International

P.S. GIG NEWS! There will be one last live show of 2019 as A New International play an opening set at the Goodbye Mr Mackenzie show at Submarine, Cumbernauld on Saturday 14th December.

Press for The Dark Carnival

“Biff Smith and his pasty-faced street corner cabaret band strike up a string of chansons that soundtrack a night of the undead… as each and everyone sings out for the great refusal, and for the joy of life itself.”
     The Herald

“… rare and marvellous… a musical poem… sit back and revel in this strange and wonderful entertainment for the moment we live in; and for all those who understand how human beings can always create songs and stories, wit and beauty, even in extremis.”     The Scotsman


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